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A quick update on Halo

Greetings, all…

A few people have asked directly, on the Halo book Facebook page and in various forums about the book – so thought it was worth sharing a quick update.

OBVIOUSLY, we missed getting Halo out to coincide with the March anniversary of the 1990 release of Violator.

Sorry about that ūüôā

This was mainly¬†due to a wildly optimistic deadline set last autumn. Coming out on the 19th March would have been a “nice-to-have”, but was clearly unachievable given my day job.

Since then, more interviews have taken place (two, in fact, just a few weeks ago after finally tracking down some more interesting people involved in the studio during the making of Violator) and there have been periods of intensive writing put on the clock.

But the reality is that I essentially lost around three months of the year due to some major rebuilding work at home and, more recently, changes at the Tnooz travel site where I work as a journalist.

Thankfully all that “real life” stuff is now out of the way and I am motoring towards the finish line, with a release date hopefully available quite soon.

It’ll be worth the wait.

Alongside turning the interviews (some on, some off-the-record) and research into some kind of narrative, there will be a collection of terrific first-hand accounts and stories from various fans around the world.

I’m thrilled so many of you want to help out or contribute in some way.

Promise a publishing date very soon, plus there’ll be¬†the usual musings here on the blog.

In the meantime (as I’m a huge¬†supporter of it), anyone looking for a Daily Dose of Depeche (#DDoD, for short ūüėČ ), make sure you head over and request a membership to¬†the wonderful and immaculately¬†maintained Depeche Mode Classic Photos and Videos Facebook page.

Cheerio, everyone… Enjoy the silence for a little while longer.

Kev x


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