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Coming alive to a Depeche-esque Nitzer Ebb

Coming almost immediately after the end of the Violator phase, Alan Wilder flexed his producer muscles (alongside Flood) when he produced Ebbhead, Nizter Ebb’s fourth album.

A few months ahead of its release in September 1991, Nitzer Ebb released the As Is teaser EP, a quartet of tracks with the third – Come Alive – mixed by Wilder (only a re-jigged Family Man eventually featured on the actual Ebbhead album.).

Come Alive is classic Wilder orchestration and pretty much captures the “sound” Depeche had at the time.

(Pretty intense video, too)

Dangerous – the wrong B-side?

There are some over the years who consider Dangerous a better track than Blue Dress, and wonder why it didn’t make it on to the Violator.

It eventually ended up as the B-side to Personal Jesus when it was a released as the first single from the album.

Depeche Mode fans love a good debate, with the subject of whether Dangerous is the best of the band’s catalogue of B-sides featuring fairly often on forums.

The answer to that question is My Joy. No debate necessary :).

Time to end the silence

Been playing around with the idea for HALO for a few months, but as my US friends often say: “Sh*t’s just got real, man.”

It’s time to end the musings in the garden during what has been an unusually summery summer here in the UK.

The first official interview for HALO is lined up for the next few days (thanks, Neil), so now poring over pages of notes from the patio and various scraps of paper which have found themselves victims of middle-of-the-night eureka moments.

Also thought we’d better get a website together – so here it is (thanks, AK, for organising the domain name and hosting).