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Depeche Mode and Violator, played on the harp (oh, yes)

Many Depeche Mode fans will recall Michal Matejcik from an unusual appearance in 2013.

The Slovak harpist showed off his bravery (Depeche fans aren’t particularly well known for their appreciation of support acts) and talent when he struck out on his own as the opener for the band in Vienna.

Invited at the request of Martin Gore, Matejcik performed to mark the launch of the Delta Machine album in the Austrian capital.

An earlier performance in 2012, where Matejcik played a dozen Depeche Mode songs, was captured for Solvak station Radio FM.

The full performance is here (featuring a medley including Personal Jesus), but there are three complete (and outstanding!) Violator songs on the “set-list”.

So, here is Halo (7m 05s) (the best of the three):

Clean (25m 25s):

And, to wrap things up, Enjoy The Silence (46m 40s):

Check out this interview with Matejcik on The Electricity Club. And his Facebook page.

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