halo weak 13

(Don’t) Get your air guitar out – Halo, rawk style

Please make it stop, some might argue.

British metallers Weak13 have turned one of Depeche Mode’s finest moments into a root and branch attack on our senses (and sensibilities).

The West Midlands three-piece are perhaps better known for their songs Go Away and Sex Pest, as well as their solitary studio album They Live.

Halo, somewhat fortunatelyhas been largely spared of a deluge of cover versions over the years.

US singer Ronitt had her rather more sedate take on Halo a few years back.

Yet most fans will have the wonderful Goldfrapp remix of the song on their minds when they think of different versions.

Depeche Mode were presumably so impressed with it (beyond including it on the album Remixes 81-04 album) that a version was played for an encore during the Delta Machine tour in 2013-2014.

Note: Look out, in HALO, for some inside knowledge about rockier versions of the  Violator classic.

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