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Where are they now – Halo video dancer

Careers have to start somewhere – so what better way for actress Jenna Elfman to begin her acting path than appearing in the video for Halo.

The then-19 year old was one of the two dancers who featured in the video recorded as part of the Strange Too compilation.

Speaking 24 years later on the NBC day-time Today show, Elfman said:

“They told me to dance badly! I’d spent my whole life trying to dance well, so that was really hard.”

After some low-key appearances in Murder, She Wrote and Roseanne, Elfman eventually went on to star in a sitcom called Dharma & Greg in the late-1990s.

Her Depeche Mode fame came to light again in May 2014 when she was promoting her role in a new US show called Growing Up Fisher.

Sadly for Elfman and her fellow cast members, Growing Up Fisher never made it past the first season, but she did get to star alongside J K Simmons, who won the Oscar for the best supporting actor this week for his part in Whiplash.

Here is Elfman talking on the Today show:


And way back in 1990, dancing badly in the Halo video:

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