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World In My Eyes – live drumming comes to the fore

One of the most notable aspects of the Depeche touring experience from the mid-1990s onwards was the addition of a live drummer.

This is not to say the band didn’t dip their electronic toes into live drumming waters before that – they often had various bits of kit that Martin, Fletch and Alan would hit energetically on a number of songs (Nothing and Blasphemous Rumours on the Tour for the Masses, for example).

And then Alan, ever the accomplished musician, had a full kit set up on the “lower, Dave stage” during the Devotional Tour in 1993/94, for tracks such as I Feel You and Personal Jesus.

Fast forward 20 years and Austrian percussion all-rounder Christian Eigner has been a regular fixture with Depeche (and on Dave Gahan’s solo work) for a number of years.

Given the intricate nature of the percussion backing track on Violator opener World In My Eyes, aficionados can only be impressed with how Eigner has swapped many of the programmed loops for great live drum-rolls, as experienced here during a gig in Barcelona in 2009.

Happiest Girl (unofficially mashed up with Bettie Page movie)

Those who bought the single World In My Eyes, the fourth track from Violator, were treated to two new songs: Sea of Sin and Happiest Girl.

Although neither were given any official Anton Corbijn treatment, this didn’t stop fans pulling together their own efforts.

Someone known as DJ Rob visualised the song with some clips from The Notorious Bettie Page, a biopic of the infamous “Queen of the Pin-Ups” from the 1950s, starring Gretchen Mol.

The combination of the porn star and Happiest Girl is (perhaps intentionally) ironic given that in later life Page was known for severe bouts of depression.

Enjoy The Silence – video outtakes

A fun one for the start of the weekend.

Someone managed to get their hands on a pile of the outtakes captured during the recording of the Enjoy The Silence video.

The mix of the actual track isn’t particularly up to much (sorry!), but the clip shows the band trying extremely hard to look serious, making silly faces between shots and generally looking like they’re having a chuckle at the same time.

The clips of Dave Gahan, caught during the infamous task of trudging over various mountains whilst dressed as a king and carrying a deckchair, are particularly good.

As Martin Gore has previously said, every video or photo-shoot the band have done with long-time collaborator Anton Cobijn has been a bit of a laugh.

Enjoy The Silence – World Trade Center video

It wasn’t too long after the tragic events of September 11 2001 that some Depeche fans remembered a promo clip from eleven years before.

The band took part in a TV shoot for Enjoy The Silence in March 1990, performing on the roof the South Tower at the World Trade Center in New York City.

A grainy promo from any other building on the planet and it probably wouldn’t have even found itself onto YouTube (actually, most Depeche stuff is now there these days, but you get the point).

Given the symbolism of some of the lyrics (“all I ever wanted, all I ever needed, is here in my arms”), the footage has a haunting and poignant feel about it now.

On this, the 13th anniversary, never forget.

World In My Eyes – live perfection

Depeche were a tour de force (not for all the right reasons) by the time of the Devotional outings in 1993/1994.

Part of the process of touring by then was the reworking of older tracks for their new outing in a live performance, with Everything Counts and Fly On The Windscreen particularly standing out.

And this version of World In My Eyes, in the absence of quality recordings from the World Violation Tour, is for many fans probably one of the best live versions of the song.

Strongest mix of Halo?

Very good and simple remix (and one which didn’t appear on any of the official compilations of track mixes) of Halo.

The accompanying video mashes up footage from Halo being performed on the Devotional Tour in 1993 with collapsing buildings, presumably to symbolise “when our worlds they fall apart”.