Enjoy The Silence – Latin American techno in the house

It’s been a while since a big tune dance mix of Enjoy The Silence has hit the airwaves.

But Acapulco-based DJ/producer Luis Vazquez has recently released his take on the 1990 classic from Violator.

The Enoy Mix includes the occasional nod to early-2000s-style, 1,000-bees-in-a-jam-jar, and one can easily imagine a few dancefloors around the globe going a bit crazy when it “drops” at 3am.

Here you go:

Enjoy The Silence – ‘avin’ it large with a house mix from Richard Grey

Richard Grey  is well-known DJ on the dance music circuit in the US and Europe.

In time for the European summer clubbing season, Grey put out a remix of Enjoy The Silence.

He says:

“Couldn’t resist to put my touch on this classic Depeche Mode release, hope you guys will enjoy it and play that LOUD :)”

14,000 plays on SoundCloud (46 “loves”).

Arguably, not close to the classic Enjoy The Gravy, but one can imagine a fair degree of arm-waving in the sweatshops of Ibiza.

Pic via Pixabay.

Cover, flyers, Violator on Phoenix FM, taking in Speak & Spell (not the album)

A break from writing duties over the weekend to get out and about a bit, plus organise a few things.

First up, I finished the front cover for the book, after securing the publishing rights to a fantastic picture taken by Tony (A J) Barratt.

Many of you will recognise it from a selection of pictures taken to accompany an article in the NME, the UK music weekly newspaper, in early-1990.

I am thrilled with the front cover, especially as Barratt (now no longer a commercial photographer) was an absolute joy to talk to.

Never one to miss an opportunity to spread the word about Halo, I took advantage of a few promotional activities which have come in recent weeks, so put the cover on a flyer.


Phoenix FM is a radio station in Brentwood, Essex (about ten miles from Basildon, the spiritual home to Depeche Mode trio Dave Gahan, Martin Gore and Andy Fletcher).

Probably in part due to Essex’s wider electronic music roots beyond Depeche, Phoenix FM has a regular Saturday breakfast show devoted to the genre, hosted by Rob Harvey.

Harvey was kind enough to invite me to talk about Violator and the book.

It’s a great show – you can catch the interview from 1h55m, straight after Nitzer Ebb’s Ascend (produced by Flood, of course).

phoenix fm rob

Harvey signed off the interview by, of course, playing Halo.

Short snippet here:

Thanks to Rob (the show’s Facebook page is here) for opportunity to come in to the station and chat.

+ + +

In recent weeks I’ve got to know two of the guys from Speak & Spell, a UK-based Depeche Mode tribute band, learning how they spend months programming the sets and pulling their own sound together (no wholesale sampling of original Depeche material, it’s all home-made or from synth libraries, and incredibly accurate).

Simon Forsyth (who once helped Alan Wilder service his synths ahead of the Collected auction) and Keith Trigwell, both keyboard players, joined band mates Joe Beaumont and Dave Gahan-esque frontman Paul Wood last weekend for their own celebration of Violator, performing the album in full (ahead of a “classics” set) at a packed Islington O2 in London.

These guys are good – extremely good, in fact (and I’m not just saying that because they allowed me to hand out the flyers to fans during the evening!).

Say what you like about tribute or cover bands (sadly, too many are absolute rubbish), but the work by Speak and Spell that goes in to recreate and perform the Depeche songs (especially some of the old tracks, such as Tora Tora Tora and Puppets) is very impressive.

Inevitably, they went down very well with the extremely lively crowd 🙂

It was a very enjoyable evening.

(Not particularly good, sorry) clip from the final song of the night, Never Let Me Down Again.

So, huge thanks to Rob at Phoenix FM. Also to Keith, Simon, Joe and Paul (plus Sandie, their manager).

Back to writing now…

Eric Prydz drops Personal Jesus during epic NYC trance night

We previously mentioned the hard house/trance version of Personal Jesus, mixed by Eric Prydz.

Any such rumblings of discontent from Depeche fans can perhaps be soothed a little bit when the track is consumed part of an “overall journey” (as the dreamier DJs like to call it).

As such, you could be forgiven for assuming Prydz had ascended to a higher pedestal in front of his raving fans, given the glowing comments poking their light sticks into various corners of the web following his recent Epic three-hour set at Madison Square Garden.

Mentioned frequently in the coverage was his “dropping” of the Personal Jesus mix, two-thirds of way through.

Check the Soundcloud mix below… If you don’t want to absorb the full set (it is three hours long, after all), fast forward to around 1hr57m.

In the vein of hyperbolic club-speak, was it Faithless who used to say “God is a DJ”…? 🙂

Pic credit: Via YouTube screengrab