Eric Prydz drops Personal Jesus during epic NYC trance night

We previously mentioned the hard house/trance version of Personal Jesus, mixed by Eric Prydz.

Any such rumblings of discontent from Depeche fans can perhaps be soothed a little bit when the track is consumed part of an “overall journey” (as the dreamier DJs like to call it).

As such, you could be forgiven for assuming Prydz had ascended to a higher pedestal in front of his raving fans, given the glowing comments poking their light sticks into various corners of the web following his recent Epic three-hour set at Madison Square Garden.

Mentioned frequently in the coverage was his “dropping” of the Personal Jesus mix, two-thirds of way through.

Check the Soundcloud mix below… If you don’t want to absorb the full set (it is three hours long, after all), fast forward to around 1hr57m.

In the vein of hyperbolic club-speak, was it Faithless who used to say “God is a DJ”…? 🙂

Pic credit: Via YouTube screengrab

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