may, kevin sept 2012


Kevin May is a British journalist who normally spends his time writing about the travel industry for a global media company which he co-founded in 2009, known as Tnooz.

A 20-year career has seen him edit business publications MediaWeek and Travolution, write about escapees from prison, robbers and other shady characters for the Police Gazette at New Scotland Yard in London, and cover the shenanigans of local politics for the Essex Enquirer in Depeche Mode’s home town of Basildon.

He was born and raised near Rochester in Kent, holds a degree in criminology, a postgraduate diploma in magazine journalism, has won a couple of awards, yet misses the backpacking days of his 20s (but is lucky enough to travel regularly for “The Day Job”).

Kevin first saw Depeche Mode at London’s Wembley Arena with two mates in November 1990… on the World Violation Tour.


may, kevin sept 2012

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  1. I live here in Washington, US and I know many Depeche Mode fans here. But I’m sure most don’t know about this book. I want to know if it would be alright to print out some cover flyers to spread the knowledge of this book because I’m very excited for and know many others would be if they knew about it. Thank you.

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