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Eric Whitacre creates beautiful choral version of Enjoy The Silence

Fans will remember how in 1990 one part of the Quad: Final Mix tried to reimagine Enjoy The Silence in a classical style.

It was pretty good.

But then American composer and conductor, Eric Whitacre, one of those rare, modern classical composers who can reinterpret contemporary songs and seemingly create something new, also decided to have a go.

A recorded version of the song was first released in 2014, performed by the Eric Whitacre Singers in London.

In this clip, Whitacre conducts a performance of the song with the Rezonans, a Turkish choral group, at a concert in Istanbul in November 2014.

And here is Whitacre talking about why he picked ETS and the process he went through to create the record (yes, vinyl, ladies and gents).

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