Clean – before a sprinkling of magic production fairy dust

Violator finale Clean wasn’t always the brooding, symphonic, multi-layered assault on the emotions that it is today.

As with many of the tracks from the album, Clean started out as a fairly basic demo from Martin Gore – ready for the production team to stretch and shape it into something bigger and bolder later in the studio.

Fans who splashed out to buy the Deluxe Box Set of the Sounds of the Universe album in 2009 were treated to a CD with 14 demo versions of various Depeche tracks, including Clean.

Even minus Dave Gahan’s earnest baritone vocal, the Pink Floyd bass line and the soaring strings, Gore’s basic demo it’s a great example of how good the raw material was before the production team got their hands on it.

Check out a wonderful, acoustic version of Clean here.

And Martin taking part in the worst ever job in a music video.

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