Policy of Truth (with sheep samples, obviously)

Depeche Mode were notorious in the 1980s for sampling pretty much anything they could get their hands on.

(Just listen to Pipeline from Construction Time Again!)

The process had calmed down to some degree by the time Violator came along, but that didn’t stop those given the task of mixing tracks from the album when they appeared as B-sides of the singles.

Policy of Truth, the third single, got the Richard Nixon treatment for the Capitol Mix.

And then avant garde art/dance music pioneers KLF (3AM Eternal, What Times Is Love?, etc) had their turn.

The group became (in)famous in 1992 for dumping a dead sheep on the red carpet of the UK’s Brit Awards.

The woolly mammals¬†are part of KLF folklore, so Depeche fans shouldn’t be surprised to hear sheep samples in their low-fi version of Policy of Truth, known as the KLF Transcentral Mix.


2 thoughts on “Policy of Truth (with sheep samples, obviously)

  1. fo2re says:

    The sheeps are not a sample, they came with a truck full of sheeps and in the studio they went. It looked like hell afterwards with shit and whatnot…


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