World In My Eyes – two generations of club remixes

World In My Eyes isn’t an instant club tune in the same vein as Enjoy The Silence or the 2001 track I Feel Loved.

But on its release as the fourth single from Violator, Jon Marsh of British house act The Beloved was given a chance to create one of the official remixes of the song.

The big chords, piano, percussion and steady beat are symptomatic of the slightly more accessible club scene away from the hardcore raves of the time.

Fast forward 20 or so years and a Denmark-based producer/DJ known as Naween had a crack (unofficially) at bringing the track up to date to the club sound of circa 2009-2011.

Apart from harder beat, one of the more noticeable differences between the two mixes sees the latter outing keep many of the original sounds, not least the strings at the end of track (one of the highlights of the original, album version).

Neither come close to Francois Kevorkian’s official Oil Tank Mix.

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