On this day – Enjoy The Silence, 25 years on

Personal Jesus grabbed the attention of fans and many others in the summer of 1989.

But it was the release of Enjoy The Silence on February 5th 1990 that REALLY made people sit up and listen.

Enjoy The Silence, arguably more than any other track on Violator, was the personification of the new, fresh-sounding Depeche Mode, with Flood and an increasingly influential Alan Wilder behind the scenes (the latter turning the track from a simple ballad into the signature dance track it is now).

The song – the second single from Violator – had been widely trailed for a few months (including at this appearance of Peter’s Pop Show in December 1989), but the official release saw it capture levels of radio play that arguably the band hadn’t manage to achieve for years.

Plenty more to come in the HALO book – we just think it’s worth highlighting the release of Enjoy The Silence today 🙂

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