Enjoy The Silence – lie back and think of Basildon

Everyone has a favourite version of Enjoy The Silence, not least because there are so many from which to choose.

The Hands And Feet Mix stands out as a winner here, but there are a number of lower key takes on the song which are worthy of mention.

The orchestral version which forms part of the Quad Final Mix is one, alongside the stripped down, demo-esque ballad performed by Martin Gore.

But perhaps the stand-out mix is the acoustic version, featuring just a piano and Dave Gahan’s vocal (and a few of the electronic blips which previously featured at the end of the song ahead of the Crucified interlude on Violator).

There is some debate as to whether the song is a post-recording mix, or whether it includes an entirely different take on the vocal track.

There are enough inflections in the range of Gahan’s vocal and tempo to suggest that it is a different run on the lyrics from the version used on the album.

In fact, the vocal is actually a combination of the two: a manipulated version of the original vocal track (pitch, pace) was used in conjunction with the piano backing from remixer, RaphMode.

Worth noting, just in case anyone is curious: the above picture is not Basildon, or indeed anywhere in the UK ;).



1 thought on “Enjoy The Silence – lie back and think of Basildon

  1. raph says:

    Hi !
    I’m just the “raphMODE” you’re talking about 😉
    You’re right, I made this version for a remix contest in 2004 when the French compagny “Labels” gave the vocals away.
    I indeed manipulated them a little, and mixed them on my piano version. Glad you liked it, and many many thanks for the post on your website 🙂


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