Halo is released today – a note from the authors

Halo, the story behind Depeche Mode’s classic album Violator, is available today via Grosvenor House Publishing and these retailers.

We hope that those who pre-ordered or have bought one today will receive their copies swiftly!

Co-authors David McElroy and Kevin May would like to send their sincerest thanks to everyone who has purchased Halo already and to those who do so in the weeks and months (maybe even years!) ahead.


This project would not have been possible without some hugely important people behind the scenes.

On the publishing side, Grosvenor House (specifically Becky Banning and Dean Zaltsman) has been a terrific partner in the process and guided us through a mountain of things to get us over the finish line.

Matthew Smith, our editor, was a constant source of encouragement, great ideas and, of course, quality control on the copy. Thank you also to Michael Rose for casting his discerning eye over our 80,000 words.

AJ Barratt’s iconic picture for the NME weekly music newspaper in 1990 was an obvious choice for our front cover, so we were thrilled when he agreed to license it to us for Halo – we’re extremely grateful to him.

Over 30 hours of the interviews that we recorded were transcribed by the extremely talented, thorough and speedy Naaba via Upwork – our thanks to her.

Our respective work colleagues, current and old, should also be thanked for their tolerance of our side hustle, not least as Halo would come up far too often in conversation, we’ve discovered.

The same goes for our families and friends, who’ve put up with their fair share of late nights and distractions over the course of researching and writing the book.

Finally, a special mention to all those that agreed to be interviewed for the book or contributed their recollections of the Violator era (full list here) – without their enthusiasm to be involved and memories of this important period in the history of Depeche Mode, Halo would not be the biography that it is today.

Thank you.

D+K x